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Success Stories


Gerald's testimonial


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"I have lost 95 lbs and my life has changed so much with the assistance of Dr. Teng, I no longer have high blood pressure and live an AMAZING lifestyle. I had my lap band surgery in JULY of 2010, Dr Teng and the entire office staff are so supportive and always willing to answer question that I needed!! People ask me the question, would you do this again, My answer is "I WISH I HAD DONE THIS YEAR AGO".. Dr. Teng is a very caring doctor, with your best interest at heart!! A VERY TALENTED DOCTOR INDEED!!!!!"

Thanks a million Dr. Teng


"I wanted to write to you and thank you for all you have done to change my life. It was four years ago last October that I had my lap band surgery by you.

My weight loss was slow and I did not have any further adjustments to my band after seeing you last in 2008. I stayed on soft foods for the first year and have since maintained the idea that my stomach holds about 4-6 ounces of food at one time. I have been very happy with my results and every time I dress for a special occasion I am happy that I can put on a size 4 and feel confident with myself. It has truly been a life changing process of finding freedom from food.

My high weight was 236lbs, I had lap band weighing about 200lbs and I have now sustained a full year at 125lbs. I no longer worry about diabetes and my chronic back pain is gone.

I moved out of the area shortly after seeing you last and have not needed to have any further care.

Claire Chizma"


"My name is Gerald Norman. I want to show proof of just how dramatically Dr. Teng can change your life.

This is me at 550 pounds. I was in a wheelchair. I suffered from severe hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea and pretty much everything you can think of. I was taking 16 vicodine every day just to try to manage the pain, but even that didn't take all the pain away. It took me a good 15 minutes to move the 20 feet from the recliner I sat in all day to the bathroom. Just taking my morning shower was an exhausting ordeal that forced me to spend hours resting afterwards. Any trip out of the house – which was usually only to go see the doctor – resulted in at least two days of bed rest from pure exhaustion and pain.

Fast forward.... This is me now. I'm at 238 pounds and still losing but more slowly. I eat healthy foods (and some not so healthy) but life is good. My hypertension is gone. So is my diabetes and sleep apnea. I no longer need pain medication just to get through the day. I can stroll down the beach, go shopping, do pretty much anything I want to do. This could be you!

For the record, I'm 50 soon to be 51. My doctor told me for years that I would never live to see 50 unless I made a drastic change in my life. Well I did that, didn't I! Of course I still need some nip-tuck to rid myself of years of abused, stretched skin but look at me now and look at me then....and know that anything is possible!"

Most Sincerely, Gerald Norman;


"I had surgery Dec2 2005 at 228pds....the pics were taken July2 2006 (7 months out) at 148...so 80 pounds down...BUT 83 INCHES!!! YEAH!!! I cant thank you all enough for the life you've given me BACK!! God bless to you and yours!! Oceans of love Shellaine West"


"I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Teng for some time, he operated on my ex-husband and I knew of Dr. Teng from his reputation at Mt. View hospital as a very caring, extremely up-front and honest, and very cautious Dr. He truely cares for each of his patients and gets to know them personally and emotionally. He will get on you if you don't follow instructions, he gives you his undivided attention and concern, and his staff always checks up and keeps in touch with your progress. I highly recommend Dr. Teng for any surgery, but especially RNY laproscopic surgery."




Jennifer L.

"I have been the heavy girl my entire life, struggling with my weight and constant dieting. I suffered from severe high blood pressure, had trouble walking and the excess weight really prevented me from enjoying my life to the fullest. I knew there was a healthy person trapped in this body and 4 years ago I decided to go in search of it. I started researching weight loss surgery and investigating Doctors in my area who offered the surgery. After attending many seminars and being frustrated with what I heard and the lack of helpfulness from offices regarding insurance issues a friend of mine suggested I go to Dr. Teng's seminar. I instantly liked Dr. Teng; he talked to my intelligence at the seminar and put the responsibility on me to take the next steps in my weight loss journey. I never felt at any time like this wasn't my choice. When I met him in his office, I found him to be kind and sincere and instantly trusted him and his staff to take the utmost care of me. They helped me with my insurance paperwork and carefully and kindly guided me through the process of getting me approved.

On December 16th, 2004 after two years of searching and researching Dr. Teng performed Gastric Bypass on me. It has been over two and a half years since the surgery and since I walked into his office I am down approximately 185 pounds. I went from a size 32 to a size 10 and I have never been happier. Not only can I walk I can run!!!! I am off my severe high blood pressure medication and at my last physical my general doctor couldn't get over the results. I have taken back my life - and I intend to make good use of it.

The health reasons were the main impetus for me doing the surgery but I honestly can't get over the cosmetic results either. I think the pictures speak for themselves. I still can't believe this body is mine and keep pinching myself every time I look in the mirror. I am truly grateful. THANKS for everything!" ~ Jennifer L.


Patricia weighed 300 lbs in this first picture taken in May of 2010. She had the Lap Band procedure on June 18th of that year, and since was photographed in March of 2012 at 128 lbs.

Many of Dr. Teng’s patients travel from near by towns to seek his expertise in bariatric surgery. We have provided directions to our practice from the following cities for your convenience:

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