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Weight-Loss Revision Surgery

Are you a Candidate for Revision Surgery?

Patients who experience Weight-Regain after their initial Bariatric weight-loss procedure should not feel frustrated or disappointed in their journey to reach their goal. Despite a patient’s effort, there may be unusual circumstances contributing to their weight regain.  A patient should never feel the sense of “Hopelessness”.  You may be a candidate for Revision-Surgery if you are experiencing unsatisfactory weight loss.  Types of Revision procedures:

1-Lap Band Revision Surgery:

Reasons for which a Lap-Band patient may need to consider revision surgery may be due to Weight Regain, Lap-Band device failure, Lap Band not staying in a proper position.  Symptoms include Chest Pain, Acid Reflux/Heartburn, Difficulty in Swallowing, or Persistent Vomiting.  Options for revision include Lap Band removal and conversion to:  Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Swich

2-Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery:

The most common reason patients experience weight regain after Gastric Sleeve may be due to overstretching the stomach.  Other factors contributing to weight regain include changes in dieting, exercising, or lifestyle.  Options for revision procedures include:  Re-Sleeving, Gastric Bypass conversion, SIPS procedure/Duodenal Switch

3-Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery:
Patients may experience weight regain after a gastric bypass due to gastric pouch enlargement, dietary or lifestyle changes.  Options for revision procedures include:  Lap Band over a Gastric Bypass pouch, Re-Shaping of Gastric Pouch ( back to its original gastric bypass size)
What can I expect from Revisional Surgery?
Every patient and outcomes may vary.  In the majority of cases, patients will experience dramatic weight loss provided they continue to maintain dietary and lifestyle changes.  Dr. Teng has extensive Laparoscopic and Bariatric experience for more than 28 years performing highly skilled operations including Bariatric Revision procedures.  He strives to provide the highest quality of care and outcomes as exemplified by his numerous National and Local Awards and Achievements.
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